Is My Brother My Enemy?

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This is the second post in a series on Chip Removal for Christians. Read original post here.

Most people don’t like cops. The perception is that cops are self-serving, law-breaking enforcers out to ruin everybody’s life.

My best friend has been a cop for nearly seven years. Working in such a gritty profession has wrought violent changes to his perspective. He has arrested drug dealers, wrestled heroin addicts to the ground, apprehended drunk drivers, pursued high speed vehicles, rescued the dying, encountered bloody and decaying bodies, managed violent crash scenes, and stopped domestic violence.

And in case you are wondering… Yes, he has given tickets to soccer moms and white-collar dads on Christmas (going 90+ in a 65 zone). And yes, he has had vehicles towed that were over a year overdue on their registration or were being driven by those with suspended licenses. He’s also shown a great deal of mercy by giving…

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