Letter: Secularists misrepresented
The Courier & Advertiser 3 Oct 2015

Sir, – In response to my letter detailing his misrepresentations of The Scottish Secular Society Rev David Robertson (September 29) produces more misrepresentations.

The SSS do not oppose the right of parents to have their children educated according to their religion, we merely oppose the idea that the state must supply such education. In this we are not at variance with the UN Charter on Human Rights which obliges states only to allow such educational choices, not to fund them.

Education according to parents’ religion can easily be provided outside state schools, in homes, churches, Sunday schools and private Bible classes set up by groups. Atheist parents who wish to bring up their children as atheists are not helped to do so by the state education system, so why must Christians be?

Mr Robertson claims that schools cannot be neutral on belief…

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