Apologetics Strategies: The Myth of a Bulletproof Argument


Imagine if there was one argument for the truth of Christianity so convincing that everyone who heard it immediately embraced the gospel. Imagine evidence so persuasive that all you had to do was share it with your unsaved friend, and she’d instantly leave her unbelief behind. Imagine a proof that could overcome all obstacles to Christian faith.

Almost sounds like magic, right?

And yet, these musings reflect how many Christians think apologetics ought to work. Reasons to Believe (RTB) frequently receives letters from readers asking questions like, “How can I change the naturalist’s mindset?” and “What can I do to get my brother to believe when he isn’t convinced by the scientific evidence for God?”

These idealists are looking for an argument so compelling that it can almost overcome freewill itself. And in most cases, Christians want this bulletproof argument to be very easy to learn and articulate—about as effortless…

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