Devilish Advice about Dealing with Christian Ministers who actually believe the Bible (with apologies to C S Lewis)

Excellent piece!

My dear Diabolos,

Good job! I see you have been learning from your earlier mistakes and are actually using our Fathers carefully selected subtleties. Its good that you have been following the diabolic guidelines when dealing with these loathsome creatures who actually believe what Jesus said. I commend your recent activities through your patient and I can assure you that we will use his blog in the future as an example of the kind of thing we are looking for. As you are aware the guidelines he has been following are those found in book 2, section 48 of Our Father of Lies Training Manual, entitled “Ten rules for undermining preachers who actually believe the bible”. It is deeply satisfying to see that you have done your work so well that unwittingly he as been using them as though he were one of us.

Rule 1 – Don’t start…

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