Guilt can be defined as a feeling of remorse of something we have done intentionally or not.  It can also be a negative feeling that eats away at us, because we don’t see a way out.  We’ve all experienced it at one time or another.  We don’t like the feeling.  It causes us to be sad, embarrassed, weak and ashamed.  If we let it, guilt will take away our confidence, our hope, our desire for improvement and our faith.

The devil uses this to pull us away from God.  He makes us think we’re unworthy of forgiveness – which is a half truth.  By our own doing, we aren’t worthy.  The more guilt we pour on ourselves or allow the devil to convince us of, the more we feel useless and hopeless.

God provides an answer for us.  He has given us an out for our guilt.  He sent His…

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