Peeking inside my toolbox…

Elihu's Corner


I always get a kick out of watching my son in the garage. His favorite thing to explore is the tool chest. There’s tons of shiny drawers to open, lots of strangely shaped gizmos, nuts, bolts, and screws—and its all part of how daddy fixes stuff.

My tool kit for bible study and blogging doesn’t look as exciting as that chest… at least, not to my four-year old.

I suppose that my kids have a certain fascination with the colored pencil highlighters, my iPad, and my journal… But the books and digital tools aren’t physically fascinating (not for my little ones anyway!) I wish I could say that I had more reference books in my library, but since we don’t have a lot of room to store books, I haven’t been purchasing anything but homeschool books for my children. Most of my reference tools are digital.

One of the online tools that…

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