Review: The Book of Hosea (NICOT)


Hosea (NIVOT)

When I went to CCBCY, I took a class on the Minor Prophets. There were a number of us, including myself, whose favorite class lectures were spent covering Hosea. When I saw that Dearman’s commentary on Hosea (NICOT) was on Logos, I knew I had to get it (quite literally. I have a class next semester that requires this volume).

Why the NICOT Series?

The NICOT series has been around since the 70s, and it’s certainly more technical than what your morning devotional would be. But that’s not a bad thing. The authors of the NICOT volumes don’t “treat the Old Testament as just an ancient literary artifact on a par with the Iliad or Gilgamesh. They are… rigorous, reverent wrestlings with wonderfully human writings through which the living God speaks his powerful Word. NICOT delicately balances “criticism”… with humble respect, admiration, and even affection for…

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