15 October 1906 Death of Bishop Samuel Schereschewsky #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

From Bernstein, Some Jewish Witnesses for Christ

Schereschewsky, Dr. Samuel Isaac Joseph, from 1877 to 1883 missionary bishop of the American Church in China. He was born at Tanroggen, in Russian Lithuania, in the year 1831, and brought up in the religion and learning of the Jews, graduating from the University of Breslau. The reading of the New Testament in a Hebrew translation, which had fallen into his hands, convinced him of the truth of Christianity. This must have been the Society’s version, as at that time Professor Delitzsch’s and Salkinson’s versions were not in existence; and, therefore, the Society was the first agent in the Bishop’s conversion. Soon after his confession of Christ he went to the United States. He acquired his knowledge of Greek in the Theological Seminary at New York, which he entered in 1857. The Christians with whom he first came into contact belonged to the…

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