This is an intense film, tough to watch, beautifully filmed and inspiring all kinds of thoughts.  Well worth going to see.  I was going to write a full review but instead I realised that we already had one in the Solas magazine.  Mark Hadley’s excellent review is below.   This is the kind of thing that the Solas magazine does so well…why not subscribe now?:

RELEASE DATE: September 2015

GEORGE Herbert Mallory, the legendary British climber who died scaling the world’s highest mountain, was asked: “Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?” He famously replied: “Because it’s there.”

My mountain-climbing friends regularly use a variation of the same quote. Halfway up cliffs they often ask each other: “Why do we climb mountains?” And the answer comes back: “Because we’re not all there.”

Together, these lines summarise the determination and lunacy required to pit yourself against peaks that reach to…

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