Newton and Seven Christian Blemishes


John Newton was a spiritual gardener of the heart. Since he was so often a student of his own heart, he knew well how to find the character flaws of others, those “defects that [do] not rise to the level of blatant sins or gross violations of Scripture.” He knew how to treat them. He could both valiantly uproot trees and gently pull out weeds.

In chapter 8 of his book, Newton on the Christian Life, Tony Reinke shows us how “Newton zeros in on seven types of Christians who broadcast [their] character flaws, using rather picturesque names in the tradition of John Bunyan.”

[P.S., quotes are not cited, as the page number on iBooks varies depending on the size of the font, and may not accurately represent those found in the book. However all quotes can be found in Chapter 8 of the book]. 

1. Austerus: Orthodox (but…

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