16 October 1935 Baptism of Albert Hirschland defended against Nazi propaganda #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

The right of Albert Hirschland to receive baptism is defended as legitimate by the Council of Brethren in Saxony, despite antisemitic campaign and show-trial against him.

Personal note: Albert Hirschland is one of the Hirschland family from Essen. My great-grandfather Richard Hirschland was grandson of Herz Salomon Hirschland, whose brother Jonas was the great-grandfather of Albert. For the Hirschland family story see “But I’m Jewish!”

“Albert Hirschland: Der Rasseschänder von Magdeburg,” Der Stürmer, special edition no. 2, August 1935. Gestapo Sachsen,

Daniel Kester summarises:

In 1935 Albert Hirschland, the principal of a business college in Magdeburg, was accused of having sex with underage non-Jewish students. He was arrested and put on trial for “race defilement”, and details of his case were published and broadcast throughout Germany. The Hirschland trial was one of the Nazi’s biggest propaganda efforts up to that time, and they used it to try and demonstrate the…

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