Speaking in Fort Worth on the 25th


This coming Sunday (the 25th Oct.) I shall be giving a talk for The Bible and Beer Consortium

The ministry of BBC is explained by my friend Ezra Boggs in the link above.  Basically, it is having Christian speakers give presentations or do debates in bars and pubs in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. This creates an opportunity for those who would never usually come into contact with the message of Christ to hear about it.

The talk I am to give is entitled, “The Biblical Worldview Against all Others.”  Yes, I know that is quite a title, but I gave it to Ezra as a sort of placeholder and, well, it stuck.  I have about 45 minutes for the talk and then there follows a lengthy Q & A.  I would appreciate your prayers that I represent the truth of God in the best way I can.  I am looking…

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