This is a shorter version of the article I wrote in response to the Scottgate fiasco!  It is more generic – the longer article is here – Devilish advice
(with apologies to CS Lewis)…

My dear Diabolos,

Good job! I see you have been learning from your earlier mistakes and are actually using our Father’s carefully selected subtleties. It’s good that you have been following the diabolic rules when dealing with these loathsome creatures who actually believe what Jesus said.

Rule 1. Don’t start with ridiculous concepts such as truth and facts. Start with impression and emotion. Begin with discrediting your opponent by calling them arrogant and confrontational. This always works. You win both ways. If they keep silent they appear to agree with you. If they answer they appear arrogant and confrontational. They are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. We love damnation!

Rule 2. Always…

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