21 October 1955 Jakob Jocz follows Morris Kaminsky at Nathanael Institute, Toronto #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

The Nathanael Institute in Toronto was the centre for Jewish believers in Yeshua in Canada. Set up by the London Societe (CMJ) in the 1920s, it saw a distinguished stream of Jewish believers both come to faith, train and serve in ministry, including Marty Chernoff, who would later pioneer Beth Yeshua (Philiadelphia).

Daniel Nessim writes:

In 1945 the Institute was appointed “Canadian Headquarters for the International Hebrew Christian Alliance” with Rev. Jacob Pelz as secretary In effect, this suggests that the centre of Hebrew Christian life in Toronto was not focused solely on the American Alliance and the Hebrew  Christian Synagogue founded by Rohold but was multifaceted and widespread.

The International Alliance, with its traditional role of fostering national alliances would have been a support and resource to the American Alliance. Thus he existence of different Alliances in Toronto evidences strength in numbers and organizing capacity in Toronto’s Hebrew Christian community.

In 1949 Kaminsky tendered his resignation, later to withdraw it…

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