His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Among the blessings from the Lord, David in Psalm 104:15 thanks Him for “wine that gladdens the heart.” But what was meant as a blessing from the Lord, man too often twists into a curse by means of over indulgence or out-right abuse. To love the substance rather than the Giver is to worship that which would destroy us. Substance abuse and addictions in its varying forms is a nationwide epidemic and growing. It is as old as mankind, which the bible makes clear, but now it’s personal within the experience of our nation in the twenty-first century. It destroys lives, families, and whole cultures. It’s a disease that the medical community including psychiatrics has had very little success in addressing, and the frustrations in that discipline is becoming increasingly evident. It can only be attended to effectively one person at a time. And that means somebody has to take…

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