22 October 1642 Christian Gerson ben Meir Biberach dies aged 47 #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

g-gerson-titels.-buch-1659-erfurt-antijüd.-Schrift-im-Museum-e1419064979680 (1)
How did Christian Gerson reconcile being Jewish with believing in Jesus, at a time when neither community really understood each other?

Bernstein writes:

Born at Reeklichhausen, August 1, 1567, Gerson received the usual Talmudical education, and was a teacher in several places. A neighbour, who was a Christian woman, borrowed from him ten pence, giving him as security a Lutheran New Testament. Curious to know the source of the Christian errors, he and his two brothers-in-law read it with much amusement. Yet finding there quotations from the Old Testament, he continued reading it more earnestly, comparing Scripture with Scripture, until his conscience was awakened and felt the need of salvation through Christ. (p232)

He saw how closely the New Testament relied on the Hebrew Bible, and read the text over and over, ‘‘but in secret so that my wife should not notice.’’ For obvious reasons, Gerson did not reveal his…

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