If you’re feeling sad and blue, I have the perfect cure for you!

Dedicate one hundred days to contemplating joy;

If you do, you’ll find what’s true, and be no longer blue!

Then spread, and increase joy, through sharing joy;

Changing the world one joyless heart at a time; It’s true!

That Jesus loves you! He blesses His with lasting joy!


This is my one hundredth post of indestructible joy! The kind of joy found only, by faith in Jesus. My blog is four months old with 121 WordPress followers, 315 google+ followers, and over 600 comments. I appreciate every person that those stats represent and I want to thank all of you for supporting me and helping me spread the joy of Jesus.

I decided to dedicate my blog to joy because at the time, I needed reminding of the joy I have in Jesus. The circumstances of…

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