SBL Coptic Dinner

Alin Suciu

On Monday night, 23 Nov at 7:30pm, this year’s SBL Coptic gathering will take place at Pitty Pat’s Porch, an outstanding Atlanta restaurant whose cuisine and atmosphere derive from the blockbuster film and novel Gone with the Wind. Last year’s festivities were a great success, but notably attendees had to wait an hour and a half for their meals. This year, we will use a group menu which will eliminate the wait and also insure that we have our own room. The two main options are fried chicken and BBQ ribs, although there is also the possibility for a vegetarian platter. An extensive sidebar of multitudinous southern sides are included as well as drinks, tip and tax for $38.40 (or $21.76 at the student rate). No, René, you are not a student.


Please RSVP in the comments or through email. We hope that you will join us, and be…

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