23 October 1892 Emin Pasha murdered in Kinene, Congo Free State #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

Who was Emin Pasha?


Bernstein’s short note again calls for further investigation:

Emin, Pasha (Edward Carl Oscar Theodor Schnitzer), born at Oppeln, Prussian Silesia, in 1840; killed at Kinena Station, Congo Free State, October 23, 1892. When he was only six years old his parents had him baptized in the Protestant Church at Neisse. Whether this famous explorer remained a Christian or not is uncertain, but his parents must have either embraced Christianity before or at the time of his baptism.

Many of us have heard the name of Emin Pasha, the famous explorer, without realising that he was Jewish or a believer in Jesus. I did not know he was a distant relative of mine, but my relative Daniel Kester had made the genealogical connections here. The Hirschlands (see here ) were related to the Pappenheim and Bassevi families.

For our purposes, the nature and quality of…

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