Medieval Sai Project

It has been exactly a year since I last traveled with British Airways from Bergen to London. Then, I was heading for the Conference of Afro-Byzantine and Greco-African Studies at the University of Johannesburg. This time, it was a journey for “business and pleasure” as the saying goes.

The pleasure consisted in staying with friends in London and in Buxton, the business was business as usual: Nubian texts, Sudan archaeology, museum visits…

Many were the welcoming signs already from the first day. Look for example the pattern on the floor of the new residence of the Hashimabs in London, where Mo welcomed us on Saturday at noon:

Welcome to the new Hashim residence

And then, zoom into this pile of books offered to the shoppers at the Hoover building:

sai messages

Although the content of the book had nothing to do with Sai Island, we suspected that there would appear messages about our project during this…

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