The Major Contemporary LXX Translation Projects

Septuaginta &c.

Ancient Interpreters

Beginning with the present post, I am launching a Resource Review series devoted to the various current approaches among Septuagint scholars to “translating the Translation.” What I mean by this is the different strategies employed in the four current translations of the Septuagint itself. While one might think that the task of translating the LXX would be straightforward enough, it is not. Of course, even translating the New Testament – originally composed in Greek, not as a translation – can be controversial. But when it comes to translating a translation like the Septuagint, countless questions of methodology arise, each of which demands taking a stance on any number of other difficult and uncertain issues.

For beginners entering the discipline, this topic can be like navigating a corn maze that turns out to have been built over a minefield. Complexity and hazards abound. So for the sake of the newcomer…

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