On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

Karl Barth, the greatest theologian since Thomas Aquinas, and the formative voice for Christian understanding of Jews and Judaism today, refused to take the oath of allegiance to Hitler, was forced to leave his teaching post in Germany, and flee to Swtizerland.

There he actively campaigned for the resistance, helped many Jewish refugees (including Jewish believers in Yeshua), and petitioned governments to provide visas and safety to Jewish people trying to escape the Nazis. Along with Dietrich Bonhoeffer, his former student, he and a very few others were vocal critics of the German national Church. Bonhoeffer would eventually be executed for his role in the plot to assassinate Hitler. Barth would live to publish his massive multi-volume theological work, Church Dogmatics – not an easy read, but vital for an understanding of the purposes of God with his people Israel.

Barth asks “”What does the church have to…

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