Snigsnozzle: The First Screwtape Copycat by Charles Williams

A Pilgrim in Narnia

screwtape letters illustrated by Rebecca Cey DesignThis is the week of the All Hallows Eve, so what a great time to launch a Screwtape series on A Pilgrim in Narnia. Over the next three weeks we will look at The Screwtape Letters from different angles. On Wednesday I will be presenting my ground-breaking research on the lost original preface to Screwtape.

As many readers know, The Screwtape Letters launched C.S. Lewis’ career as a popular Christian writer. A decade before Narnia, England and America found themselves enthralled by Lewis’ voice on radio and in print. Screwtapewas a runaway bestseller and C.S. Lewis became a household name.

Not only did Lewis find his way to stardom because of Screwtape, but a new genre of literature began. For hundreds of years, epistolary fiction has been a key way of telling stories. What Lewis began was a tradition of demonic epistolary fiction. Today there are dozens of Screwtape…

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