The Fragrance of My Worship

My Story, My Song

One day in class, a child broke out what is considered to be a great treasure among my five year old friends. It was her own personal bottle of hand sanitizer—and not just any bottle of sanitizer… floral scented hand sanitizer. She was feeling particularly generous that day, and she proceeded to share with the entire class until her whole bottle was used up. The kids called out in alarm “Your bottle is used up! It’s gone!”And she replied, “It’s okay, I wanted to share it with my friends.”

Now, the classroom was filled with the smell…a rather strong one…of floral scented hand sanitizer. Aroma just happened to be our vocabulary word that week. One precious little boy told me as we walked down the hall, “Mrs. Givens, we’re taking our arom-y with us, aren’t we?”

And we were. You could smell us coming from the other side of the…

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