Book Review: One of the Few

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Title: One of the Few

Author: Jason B. Ladd

Release Date: November 10, 2015

“To become a better leader, a better spouse, and a better parent, you must first discover what is true. Then you must learn how to detect what is false. The world is full of lies: all religions are basically the same, Christians are anti-education, humans are just animals, sex is not sacred, and drunkenness is harmless. Your worldview will inform your judgments on these notions and more. Right and wrong exist, and the world, while sometimes grey, still has poles of black and white.”

~ Jason B. Ladd from One of the Few

Coming this November is a groundbreaking book by author Jason B. Ladd regarding the imperative need for parents, leaders and Christians to possess an accurate worldview and a tenacious dedication to Christ. His novel, One of the Few leads the reader through…

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