Solas Abortion Article in The Scotsman

No sooner did I put up this up Kevin McKenna on Abortion and the new Intolerance than I saw that the Scotsman had published by article on the same subject today – you can read it here –  Scotsman Article on Abortion

The text is as follows:

THERE IS no right to abortion in UK law, so why is the debate in Scotland being framed as if there is? writes David Robertson

Does anyone actually know what British values actually are? For our Prime Minister it seems as though they are self-evident, liberal and tolerant. Our secular humanists also seem to think that their approach is humane, rational and non-doctrinaire. Yet they too have a set of fundamental beliefs that they regard as so self-evident as to be beyond question, at least by any thinking rational person. One such belief is that of a woman’s right to have an…

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