Biblical Studies Carnival – October 2015

Reading Acts

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Welcome to the Biblical Studies Carnival  for October 2015. This is BiblioBlog Carnival 116. The first BiblioBlog carnival was Joel Ng at Ebla Logs in March 2005. That blog is not long gone, but you can read an archive of it at Peter Kirby’s Biblioblog Top 50.  I took over as the “keeper of the list” in summer of 2012 when Jim Linville of Dr. Jim’s Thinking Shop retired from blogging. This marks three and half years of cajoling people into volunteering to host carnivals. I guess that is half-a-tribulation period, for the dispensationalists in the audience. in fact, 116*6 is 696, and if you flip the middle number, well, there it is. Another blood moon prophecy fulfilled.

I looked over the Carnival I hosted in July of 2012 and was surprised how many blogs have disappeared, but also how many new, active bloggers have arrived recent years. There are still many solid, scholarly…

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