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Thankful day 1

The commercialization of the holidays grates on me at times. In September, the stores roll out the Halloween costumes and gory decor. As soon as October 31st arrives, the fall things are whisked away to be replaced with the glitz and color of Christmas. As someone who has always loved the fall season, I’m just not ready for “Jingle Bells” before Thanksgiving. Worse still, the Thanksgiving holiday is practically overlooked between Halloween and Black Friday. Even the name “Thanksgiving” has been downgraded to “Turkey Day” because Americans traditionally gorge on the bird (unless you’re a vegan… then you gorge on tofurkey).

What it thanksgiving? The definition is in the word: giving thanks.

It’s a time to focus on gratitude and thankfulness. What could be a better way to celebrate this holiday than to offer thanks for the blessings we have? For the past couple years, I’ve tried to help my children focus…

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