Working with OINE from UiB!

Medieval Sai Project

The last weeks I have been working with the last draft of the first of the two volumes in the Oriental Institute of Chicago Nubian Expedition (OINE) monograph series that will host the publication of the archaeological record from the medieval site of Cerre Matto (Serra East in Nubian as attested in the so-called Serra-codex, the longest text in Old Nubian known to date).

For this volume (no. 12) I have worked with the wall inscriptions, the only epigraphic category not included in the main publication of the textual record from Serra East. Most of the preparatory work was completed during my visit to Chicago in June and this autumn I need to prepare the final texts for volume 13.

A very brief report from my work in Chicago can be read below:

OI ar 2015 p 138

I prepared this jpg copy from p. 138 of the Annual Report of the Oriental Institute. There, you…

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