Did Ezekiel Prophesy Correctly About Tyre? (Part 5)

Thomistic Bent

The Origin of Tyre

Whether Tyre originated on the land or the island seems to be in some dispute, but for our purposes it is not relevant. Neither is it relevant to determine the location or influence of Tyre in the distant past, well before Ezekiel’s day. What is relevant is Tyre in the period leading up to Ezekiel, which is the context of the prophecy in Ezekiel 26.  We are not concerned about questions of whether Tyre was on the island or the land prior to its heyday.

The Scope and Influence of Tyre at Its Peak

Hiram was king of Tyre starting in c.969 BC. and was a contemporary of Israel’s kings David and Solomon (2 Sam. 5:11; 1 Kings 5:1 – 10:22). By Hiram’s day, Tyre was a major economic powerhouse and a major independent sovereign nation. Hiram sold cedar to David and Solomon, which tells us Hiram had ownership of…

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