The Sword of the Spirit

Loaves of bread(Matthew 16: 7-9a) 7 And they discussed among themselves, “We didn’t bring enough bread.” 8 Aware of this, Jesus said, “You of little faith!” Why are you discussing among yourselves that you do not have enough bread? 9 Don’t you understand yet? (HCSB)

Consider this,

If God’s grace is more than enough, and He is all we need, shouldn’t we have more than we could ever hope for? Or, Is our lack of faith an insult to the power and purpose to the finished work of Christ Jesus?
Why would we cry out (To Him) in times of crisis, yet we continue to ask for more proof of His greatness?

Honestly, We haven’t claimed these truths as our own, and do not profess the faith we confess. Jesus just fed 4000 with a couple of fish, and a few loves of bread. He met us right where we were and…

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