Mom's Going to Madagascar

day fiveToday I am thankful for my daughter, Amelia. She’s really awesome and I’m gonna take this opportunity to brag like crazy. Aside from the fact that she’s adorable, she’s really sweet. She loves on animals and her brother and other children and me and her daddy with gentleness and generosity. She shares whatever she has (unless it’s candy, of course) with anyone who asks. She gives the best hugs ever.

She’s also really smart. From the beginning, she’s been an observer. She likes to watch and see how others act before taking action herself. Because of this, she picks up on things pretty easily.

Besides all that, she’s a miracle baby. They told me I wouldn’t be able to have children and then I got pregnant with little Miss Amelia! I am thankful every day for this little joyful energetic toddler.

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