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If the woman was not created from the man, why is she called a woMAN?  Why is the woman called a feMALE if she was not brought forth from the male? Why is her identity linked to the other sex? Fair questions I believe, since in nature, the man comes from the woman. Ah, but Who set nature in motion, and therein lies the easy answer.

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Yeah yeah I know, this is simple, but the deepest truths are to be found in the simple

Coming to a town near you, the eradication of the politically correct word ‘men,’ for how many women are traumatized when driving down the road and seeing the sign: ‘men working……’ Yep, truly a disaster, for the sign should read ‘people working,’ to include all creatures great and small.

God forbid that we should ignore the thousands of steel workers, crane operators, sandblasters who dangle high…

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