The Illogicality of Abortion – Letter in the Courier

I was greatly taken with a comment made by Alex Salmond in the light of the tragic killing of the schoolboy in Aberdeen.  It struck me as apposite in the light of the ongoing abortion debate that I have been involved in – see for example this Abortion article in the Scotsman.   Given the level of emotion, abuse and vitriol directed my way by those who seem to think that the right to kill the baby in the womb is an absolute one, and opposing it is a sign of moral degeneracy, it is perhaps too much to hope that compassion, consistency and logic would be applied.  Anyway this is the short letter that was published in the Courier, which makes the point.

Sir, – I was delighted to read Alex Salmond, writing in The Courier, (November 2) state the following: “There is no greater loss of civil liberty…

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