Baptist Fireworks Killed Dundee Cow

2015-11-10 14.08.06 (1)

The Dundee Courier has a real sense of perspective!   Out in the wider world we have Islamic terrorism, the European referendum, and ongoing concerns about climate change;  but here in Dundee, a city of some 150,000 people, we have our priorities sorted.  The local newspaper reports the absolutely tragic event of Baptist rockets killing a local cow.  This may not seem serious to you, but let me assure you that if we don’t speak out for the cows, one day they will come for us!

The trouble is that Broughty Ferry Baptist Church had held a fireworks display last Saturday.   A nearby farmer had later found one of his cows dead in the field.  The farmer, David Reid, told the newspaper that he thought his cow had died either of a heart attack, or because she had run into a barbed wire fence with fright.

Brian, the Baptist pastor, was very apologetic. And so he should be…

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