Day 11: Nourishing Food

Excellent book from Dr. Price!

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“Let food be they medicine and medicine be they food.”

~ Hippocrates

I’d bet that you were expecting me to hold off on giving thanks for food until the official “Thanksgiving [feast] day.”


Today I am attending a conference about traditional food. You might be thinking cornbread and chicken, but not quite. It’s more along the lines of the above quote. Imagine homemade chicken broth, grandma’s pickles, cod liver oil, homemade cheese and yogurt, raw milk, and eggs from pastured chickens.

A dentist in the 1920s name Weston Price noticed that his patients were suffering from higher and higher incidences of tooth decay. He wondered if people who ate their native traditional diets also had tooth decay. He traveled all over the world to find isolated peoples who had not…

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