Lamb's Harbinger

The final chapter of Mark serves as the epilogue of the God-inspired record and manual for Jesus’ discipleship of the 12 Apostles. It is section 5 of 5 in the innate, literary divisions of the Book. And, it is perhaps the most contested chapter in the Bible. Some scholars will say that a smattering of [i.e. not all] the earliest manuscripts do not include verses 9-20. At the same time, other scholars argue that some of the earliest manuscripts do include Mark 16:9-20. What is more, since the the first century churches, Christians everywhere have received the latter part of Mark 16 as authentic. One can be sure that what he reads in Mark 16 is the Word of God.

Mark 16 | The Miracle of Christ’s Resurrection, The Great Commission & Ascension

16:1-8 — The Resurrection (just as He foretold 3 times)

16:9-13 — Appearances to Mary Magdalene and…

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