Take Up Your Suffering and Follow Jesus

Beautiful Life with Cancer

Immediately the leprosy left him and he was cleansed.

Jesus sent him out with a strong warning, “See that you do not tell this to anyone.”

Why?! Why not tell anyone?! Hey! Knowing from experience, if that was me, I’d tell the world!

Facebook update status: JESUS HEALED ME!

Text message to the world: are you sick? Look what he did for me!

News report: Let me share my story: Sick. Healed. Jesus.


This is not the only verse where Jesus heals someone and then warns them to keep it a secret. It used to really get to me. And then I lived. I learned. I suffered. I matured. Sat under some good teaching. Had cancer and realized, “This life is so fleeting.”

HE IS BIGGER! He is more than the here and now! He heals more than this physical body! Like a father, he looked on…

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