Gender, the Gospel and a Modern Tower of Babel

There was a time when humanity thought it could be God, and sought to build a tower up to heaven.  Modern humanity is trying to remake itself in its own self-image…the inevitable confusion that follows is happening before our very eyes.  As my latest Christian Today Article – explains.

The Eve of Destruction – ‘Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad’ – if that old saying is true then the ‘gods’ seem to be preparing Western society for real destruction! The advocates of ‘Queer theory’, having achieved one of their main aims on their goal to destroy ‘patriarchal marriage’ and create a ‘gender fluid’ society, through the introduction of same sex marriage, are now watching as we descend into the chaos they have created.

Queer Theory – Having moved from Lady Gaga’s ‘Born this way’, we are now in an era of total sexual confusion. The…

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