Does Forgiveness Mean Forgetting?

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How do you handle it when somebody hurts you?  Do you keep score when you have been hurt?  Do you hold a grudge or stockpile your hurts?  In 1 Corinthians 13:5 we are reminded that “Love…keeps no record of wrongs.”  When we keep a record of wrongs it’s like we are saving up ammunition so that when others hurt us, we have an arsenal we can use to hurt them back.  But according to the scripture, that is not what love does.  Instead, love forgives.

forgive_by_onlycuriousThere are so many myths and misconceptions about forgiveness.  Some think that forgiveness is conditional.  People say things like, “I will forgive you if…” or “I will forgive you when…”  Real forgiveness is unconditional.  It’s not earned or deserved.  Genuine forgiveness cannot be bargained for, bartered for, or paid for.  Forgiveness is not even based on the promise that the person will never hurt you…

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