On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

imageMonsignor Bauer


carte-de-visite portrait Monsignor Bauer (1829-1898), also known as Père Bernard, who in 1867 was appointed one of the Empress Eugénie’s confessors.

Paul Bauer was born at Budapest in 1829 where his father was a rabbi. He studied painting and history of art at the University of Vienna, participating in the Austrian revolution of 1848. After the revolution, he studied law at Heidelberg.

He became a Roman Catholic in September 1852, influenced by the preaching of another Jewish Catholic, Augustin-Marie du Saint-Sacrement,  (whose actual name was Hermann Cohen). He joined the the Carmelite Order, which he, however, left later.

He distinguished himself as a pulpit orator, first at Vienna,


where he delivered a series of addresses, which were published (1866) under the title “Le Judaïsme Comme Preuve du Christianisme.”


Eventually he attained to the rank of a bishop. In 1867 he became father confessor to the Empress Eugenie. On…

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