18 November 1922 Death of Marcel Proust – Jewish, Catholic, atheist, assimilationist, anti-semite?

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


I have to admit – I have not read much Proust – his magnum opus, À la recherche du temps perdu [in search of lost time] awaits. So what follows is my quick research on a fascinating figure, perhaps the greatest French writer. As a Messianic Jew I feel both the attraction and repulsion that comes from understanding the man and his times, and I have yet to be lured into the flow of his writing. But he seems to me to embody the dilemmas and contradictions of Jewish and Christian identity, even without faith in God, of which we as Messianic Jews today are both the inheritors and practitioners in our own time.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for the talents and work of Marcel Proust. Despite, or even because of his conflicted identity, he produced great literature, telling the story of life and searching its meaning through his indefatigable prose…

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