One of the wonderful reasons Twilight Beasts are so dear to us is because most are just downright weird. The peculiar llama with a trunk, dogs with teeth as strong as a hyena, and an armadillo that looked like an igloo were just a few of the odd creatures that roamed during the Pleistocene. The mammals ruled, but it was these funny looking ones that stay in our imagination. Cave Bears, sabretooth cats, and giant deer capture headlines, while equally magnificent, but maybe more average-looking creatures like the weird Madagascan aardvark might not.

Reconsturction of Glyptotherium sp. by Sergiodlarosa Reconstruction of Glyptotherium sp. by Sergiodlarosa via Wikimedia Commons

Something that makes these animals even more fascinating is that many of them were tantalisingly close to being with us today. The Woolly Mammoth was still on the planet while the pyramids were being built, 4000 years ago. Cave lions were perhaps stalking on the Siberian tundra just 10,000…

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