Studies in Judges


judges9Next week will be a light week, it being Thanksgiving and all. The family is running around in Phoenix and the AZ desert, so besides from twittering, I’m not going to have anything on the blog.

A couple of years ago, I did an exposition on the books of Judges and Ruth for my volunteers. Doing a detailed study of the book caused it to become one of my favorites. There are some truly awesome stories within it’s pages.

I finally got all of the messages edited, and thought I would share with folks using Google Drive.

Hope it blesses your heart like it did mine.

Gleanings from Judges

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4 thoughts on “Studies in Judges

  1. What I wrote over at Fred’s post: “Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been intrigued with Judges, Ruth and Esther lately…amazing books that’s little preached in my opinion…expect for Fred Butler. You taught through it!”

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