Review: Interpreting the Parables



Have you ever read Augustine’s allegorical interpretation of The Good Samaritan? The Apostle Paul is the Innkeeper? How could Jesus have expected his audience to think of Paul when they hadn’t met him yet? And how would any good Bible reader come to the conclusion that “[t]he two pence are either the two precepts of love, or the promise of this life and of that which is to come”? How are Christians who want to stay true to the Bible supposed to interpret the parables? Is there one meaning? Are there many meanings? Are the parables even authentic?

Craig Blomberg gives us an updated version of his book Interpreting the Parables. Blomberg is a Distinguished Professor of the New Testament at Denver Seminary, and has written a number of commentaries and books on believing the Bible, the reliability of the Gospels, holiness, and possessions

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