LXX Translations Part IV: Septuaginta Deutsch

Septuaginta &c.

The time has finally rolled around for my last installment of the series I have been working on for quite a while now covering the major modern translations of the Septuagint. While there are other translations in progress (e.g., Japanese and I believe also modern Hebrew), there are fourtranslations currently dominating scholarly discussion. These are the translations into English (NETS), French (BdA -Part I and Part II), Spanish (LBG), and German. So far we have discussed three out of the four with a view to understanding the differing methodologies involved in each project. At last, we have come to the German translation, known as theSeptuaginta Deutsch, or LXX.D.

The Modern German Project

The Septuaginta Deutschis published in three volumes by the German Bible Society(which, by the way, has a wonderful selection of online biblical texts freely available, including…

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