Surprise Festschrift for Telford and Barton (Gupta)

Crux Sola

FSbookThis SBL was a very special one for me – my co-editor (Kristian Bendoraitis) and I presented a surprise Festschrift to my doktorvater Dr. Stephen C. Barton (University of Durham). The FS offers essays jointly in honor of Dr. Barton and Dr. William R. Telford (also retired Durham faculty).

On Saturday night, Kristian and I planned a dinner at SBL with Dr. Barton – it was Dr. Barton’s very first SBL! We were very grateful to be able to present the book to him in person.

This summer I had a chance to do some research in England, and I was Telfordable to announce the book in person to Dr. Telford.
These are two exceptionally kind-hearted, wonderful men who have made a deep impact not only with their scholarship, but also with their mentorship with students and guild leadership. They are both very deserving of this honor.

The book is…

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