How I prepare – Article in ‘Preach’

This article was published first in Preach  I was asked to describe a typical sermon preparation.

This sermon on Isaiah 42:18–25 was one of a series on Isaiah 40–66. I decided, in consultation with Sinclair, the other main preacher at St Peter’s, to begin this series in the morning services, with him going through 1 Peter in the evenings. The reason for choosing Isaiah was that it is Old Testament prophecy, and earlier recent series had been on 2 Corinthians, the Sermon on the Mount and Psalms. We try in a year to offer something from each of the biblical genres of history, prophecy, letter, gospel and poetry. Before beginning the series I made myself familiar with the wider context and reading on Isaiah.

The month before
I plan sermon passages and titles a month in advance. Isaiah 42:18–25 is a clear section with a clear message and…

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