Church Set Free

Invitation - Public Domain ImageIt’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Family dinners, company gatherings, holiday parties? Graduations, weddings? Cantatas and concerts? Everything seems to stack up to the end of the year, doesn’t it?

For some, I suppose, invitations can be a chore or a burden. Too many, too busy, too tedious. But for most people, invitations reflect friendship, affection, joy. We invite those we treasure and care about, those we accept for who they are and whose company we value.

On the other hand, what impact does it have to the heart, to relationships NOT to be invited or included? Imagine being overlooked for a staff celebration, dinner, or party? Not receiving an expected wedding or graduation invitation? Or even, being UN-invited, where after receiving an invitation to some event, you are later contacted and requested not to come? Wow, huh? Rather like being “un-friended” on FaceBook, wouldn’t it be? Where…

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