Interview with David Wenham: “Was Paul or Jesus the Founder of Christianity?”

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy

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This interview is between Greg Monette and David Wenham. At the moment Greg is a Ph.D. candidate in biblical studies at the University of Bristol. On the other hand Wenham (Ph.D.) is an internationally recognized expert on the Apostle Paul. He has studied Paul’s writings in relation to how much Paul actually knew about the historical Jesus, and whether or not it was Paul or Jesus who stands as real founder of Christianity.

GJM (Greg Monette): Many popular books in recent years have put forward the argument that Paul’s version of Christianity differed significantly from that of the other Apostles. Do you believe Paul had a different perception of the message of Jesus than say Peter, James, John and the others who followed Jesus in Galilee and to Jerusalem?

DW (David Wenham): Yes and no. He and they had a different perception in that they were with Jesus for a period of years…

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